Nursery founders Nathan and Bertha Tall

Established in 1972

Founded by San Diego Native Bill Tall in 1972, City Farmers Nursery is a family-owned, independently operated garden supply nursery located in the heart of San Diego.  Bill was raised in San Diego, attended Madison High and at the age of sixteen, opened City Farmers Nursery.

His father, Nathan, provided Bill with the property, and on November 20th with two-hundred dollars, 2×4 wood planks as humble gates, and manure from a San Yisidro dairy, Bill’s piece of the American Dream began.

“Sometimes… we’re not going to sell you a single thing”

Today, City Farmers specializes in those hard-to-find items that big box and chain stores just aren’t interested in.  We organically maintain every plant, bush and tree as Mother Nature intended and we carry on the pride of nearly four decades of free advice – everything from creating healthy soil to identifying bugs.  As Bill says, “Sometimes you’re going to come in and we’re not going to sell you a single thing… because all you need to do is change your watering!”

Each month we offer several free classes on topics ranging from growing your first vegetable garden, to canning and cooking, to bee keeping.  If there’s something you’d like to learn, we’re a wonderful first stop.

Farmer Bill and Abby

We’re Here to Help

Bill and his staff pride themselves in quality knowledge and service over product pushing: “The very least we can do for folks who stop by is to give it to them straight… whether it takes twenty seconds or twenty minutes, we’re here to help.”

We invite you to drop by, visit our farm animals, pond, and organic produce stand.  You’re also welcome to give us a call, and you’ll always speak to a real person.  We’ve got one phone line, so you may have to try twice on some days, but we look forward to getting you one step closer to enjoying your garden!