Interested in a donation? Awesome!

IMPORTANT: Please read the below giving philosophy before requesting donations.

We’re excited to partner with you to help further the mission of your organization - thanks for reaching out to us!

Since we opened our doors in 1972, as a community-oriented business, we’ve worked with thousands of impactful organizations and look forward to establishing a strong partnership with you.

While we would love to fulfill every donation request, it’s important to know that we receive over 500 requests for donations a year.  Our goal is to donate to a variety of local causes who make an impact on a wide-variety of neighborhood issues.

In the spirit of true partnership, so that we’re able to support you 100%, we want to know about your mission, your event, or your cause.

We want to understand the why behind what you do, the how you make changes, and the what we can do to help further your goals. A few other things to keep on your radar:

  • Our giving philosophy: as an independent, community-supported business, we know that our success is only because of the support of our community.  We donate products and supplies (not cash) that can align our community with the benefits and rewards of spending time in the garden, with a plant, or in the kitchen, finding nourishment from healthy food.
  • We require at least a 6 week notice on all requested donations. This means your donation request needs to be submitted 6 weeks in advance.  Why the time frame?  We need lead time.  This window gives us time to coordinate the donation.


  1. We require you to fill out a donation request form before we’re able to fulfill any donations.
  2. Go to to learn more and get started. This form brings us on as a true partner to your organization, making sure we’re able to bring you the kind of awareness and long-lasting support, that will outlast any donation.
  3. We read every form and will get back to you in 10 business days whether we can accommodate your request.

Whether it’s our first time working together, or our 100th, we have a wide variety of ways we can work together, so take some time to fill our our Community Giving form at

Warm wishes on continued meaningful work together, -Farmer Bill & the City Farmers Team