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Simple Greywater Solutions to maximize water and cost savings

  • City Farmers Nursery 3110 Euclid Avenue San Diego, CA, 92105 United States (map)

In this free event, we'll discuss the greywater codes in place in San Diego, the practical plumbing issues associated with different situations, the difference between a laundry to landscape system and a gravity fed shower system, water budgeting, appropriate landscape, and we will touch on pumps and advanced greywater systems. We will have books and parts on hand to aid discussion.

Did you know that in the City of San Diego, you can get a $250 rebate for a Laundry Greywater system? This is a great time to implement your low cost greywater system! Parts for a simple Laundry to Landscape System often cost $250-$500, and the system can result in thousands of gallons of free water for your fruit trees every year!