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Solar Cooking 101

  • City Farmers Nursery 3110 Euclid Avenue San Diego, CA, 92105 United States (map)

We’re very happy to bring back Jim LaJoie for another solar cooker workshop.

This is a fun and informative class & workshop where participants learn about solar cooking.

The class covers the ins and outs of solar cooking and participants will have the option to purchase an All Season's solar cooker prior to the class for a special rate. 

NOTE: There's no need to purchase a cooker in order to participate in the class, though! All kind of techniques will be talked about.

The All Season's Solar Cooker is known in over 125 countries from Africa, to Japan, to Europe & the Americas.

Solar cookers use the free energy from the sun and can cook full meals: meats, poultry,
vegetables, grains, breads, desserts... you name it!

You'll Learn:

  • How solar cooking works
  • The different types of solar cookers
  • The many types of pots in which to cook wonderful meals
  • Effective solar cooking techniques

Instructor Information:

Jim LaJoie designed the All Seasons Solar Cooker (ASSC) based on over 20 years of solar cooking experience. Adjustable and good for use year-round, Jim's ASSC has been sent to over 80 countries including to Haiti after the earthquake and refugee camps in the Congo & Sudan.


Class is free.

If you'd like to purchase an All Season's Solar Cooker 2 at the special price of $65 (originally $129), please pay below. This price is available only for the first 20 cookers sold. Jim will bring your cooker with him to the class with your name on it.

NOTE: This special price is Jim's way of supporting City Farmer's Nursery customers - it doesn't apply to Amazon purchases.