City Farmers Nursery will be at KIDSFEST June 9-10 | Special Discount for City Farmers Readers

We're SUPER excited to tell you we'll be at KIDSFEST in Liberty Station June 9th through 10th! Kids who stop by our booth will plant their own fava bean seeds! PLUS: You can score a coupon JUST for City Farmers readers at the end of this article(!)

Robin, and her colleague Tracy, are savvy and smart ladies who are putting on the fest this year... and it's a fest unlike any other!

City Farmers: How was Kidsfest born? What were the ideas that went into forming it?

Robin: As a working mom (I founded the San Diego Film Festival in 2002) my weekends were devoted to my daughter. I was constantly looking for family events that would be unique, creative and allow us to make memories together. But they were hard to come by. Everywhere we went, someone was trying to sell us insurance. So I set out to create an event that was different – designed just for kids to stretch their imaginations. Not an expo. Not a trade show. Not a street fair, or even a carnival.

CF: How’s Kidsfest different from other stuff out there?

R: KidsFest San Diego is kind of like your kids’ favorite play area, their favorite art class, their favorite music group, their favorite museum and your favorite childhood memories – all combined into one. KidsFest features 100,000 square feet of interactive stations where kids can move, sing, create, paint, build, plant, and escape in pure play.

CF: What do kids get out of the day? What about families?

R: Kids love that their parents need to present at KidsFest – they need to participate. It’s not the type of event where parents sit on their phones texting, while kids get their face painted. The entire event is filled with activities for families to creatively participate in together. Families build reading nooks together. They create a family piñatas. They make healthy snacks together.

CF: What are some of the most anticipated things for this year’s event?

R: The Messy Zone is always a family favorite, and this year we will be making mud pies! We are introducing a Dance Party this year, where all kids and their families can take the stage throughout the day. We have a very special toy kids will be making in the Creation Station too!

CF: Holly, Sam (Bill's son) and Rebecca (Bill's daughter) will be at the booth this weekend, so stop by and come plant beans, and visit us!  Thanks, Robin & Tracy for inviting us to participate -- we can't wait to meet everyone in Point Loma!

Kidsfest Tickets can be purchased at

City Famers Readers receive $5 off a Family Four Pack of tickets by entering “cfn” at checkout.

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