Zucchini Contest Winner: 6lbs 3.25oz

City Farmers from around San Diego hauled their zucchini's down to City Farmers Nursery on a gorgeous Sunday in October.

They received free, organic seeds in July and went to work!

Farmer Bill welcomed participants, and we learned about the growing methods used by each - traditional in-ground growing, container gardening, and even olla irrigation techniques.


Then each contestant's zucchini was weighed-in at our bulk amendment scale by Farmer Bill.

Our winner was Phillip M. of Clairemont, San Diego with his 6lb 3.25oz zucchini - the very first seed he and his wife planted in their new yard!

Organic zucchini seeds

Here's Farmer Bill and Phillip - Phillip holds his prize zucchini and Farmer Bill holds the Zucchini Trophy with Phillip's name on it.  Next time you're in the nursery, check out the trophy.






















15lbs: the total amount of zucchini was grown by these local gardeners.

6lbs 3.25oz: the winning zucchini weight

0: the number of contestants who fertilized after planting

$100: the prize first place won

Posted on October 7, 2012 and filed under events.