Chicks and Ducklings arrive at City Farmers!

Meet our springtime babies!  The cuties are available while supplies last. For updated pricing and varities, please swing by or call us at 619-284-6358 (M-Sa 9a-5p, Su 9a-3p).


Remember that these little sweethearts need a proper place to come home to.

Please adopt wisely and please make sure your yard:

  • is zoned for animals (in the City of San Diego:
  • is clean (keeping mud and flies away - and keeping poop scooped - means a healthy pet and fewer vet bills... everyone wins!)
  • is safe (from predatory animals)
  • offers plenty of room to roam
  • keeps chickens and garden separate... they WILL eat what you grow!
  • is duck trample-friendly... remember, they have big webbed feet and stomp when they walk!

If you didn't get your favorite breed, or if you need time to prepare their new homes, we should have another batch coming in July.)

Posted on April 8, 2013 and filed under General News.