Happy May Day: Weekend Festival, Hot Chili Peppers & Turkeys!

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Happy May Day!

When my kids were little (and times seemed simpler) we had a May Day tradition, started by long-time customer and neighbor, Vicki.  We'd start by taking flowers in 4 inch pots to the local senior living community.

My kids would place the flower pot near the unsuspecting receivers doors, ring the bell, shout "Happy May Day!" and run.  As the kids scurried down the halls, they'd hear "thank you!" hollered out by the residents... who had no idea who had dropped off the gift, or why.

I encourage you to do something kind, involving a new friend and flowers, to kick off your May.  You won't be dissappointed... and neither will they.

This month is also the month of our Homesteading Arts Festival this Sunday, May 5th from 9a-3p.  It's a gorgeous day of hand-made, local arts and crafts, with dozens of local artists showcasing their hand-made wares. And if you're inclined, here's the Homesteading Arts event on Facebook to share with your tribe.

See you at the farm, -Farmer Bill


Released May 1st and subject to availability. If you're driving from a distance, call ahead to ensure we have things in-stock for you: 619-284-6358.

Dig-em-up's available this week. Tomato varities include: yellow pear, green zebra, black plum paste, sungold, red cherry, health kick and patio. $3.19 each

Assorted bell peppers and chili peppers $2.19 each

Spinach and red kale $2.19 each

Organic Herbs including parsley and chives, in addition to assorted basil, oregano, thyme, mint's, rosemary. 4" Stevia and White sage will be available on Wednesday, May 1st.

Other veggies in-stock: Salad greens, lettuce's, assorted melons, assorted squash, corn, cucumbers, bush and pole beans okra, collards and beets.

And remember, our veggies are organically started and organically maintained, but City Farmers is *not* a certified organic grower (we cannot afford the certification process).  Since 1972, we've done our best to maintain plants as organically as possible - no pesticides are used, organic soils that we mix on-site, and organic fertilizers.


On Sunday May 5th limited amounts of our on-site started EXTRA HOT chili peppers will be available. Varities include: chocolate habanero, pumpkin habanero, Ghost peppers, and peter piper peppers. These are speciality peppers and are priced at $3.19 each.


Adorable and quickly growing, this Friday, May 3rd, our turkeys will be available for sale.  Here's more information on the cuties...

Pricing details: Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey's are $15.89 each. Because feeding and keeping these sweethearts increases as they get bigger in size, our costs will continue to tick up every week or so.  For latest pricing details, please give us a call at 619-284-6358).

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