September in the Garden

September in the Garden:

This month is about maintenance! If it is too hot for you to be out in the yard, then it is too hot for new plants.

  • Water diligently.

  • Continue to fertilize.

  • Pick ripening fruit so plants will continue to produce.

  • Keep weeds under control.

  • Deadhead old blooms to promote new flowers.

  • As summer crops finish, amend the soil with organic fertilizer and compost so active bacteria will break it down for fall and winter crops.

  • Start seeds indoors.

  • If you do any outdoor planting this month, be sure it is done in the early part of the day or later in the afternoon, to reduce stress on the plants in the heat.

Advice for our tomato and potato farmers:

At the end of September and the beginning of October, plant winter tomatoes. They need to be already growing while the soil is still warm to produce in the cool season.

When the potatoes you planted in the spring are dead, then go looking for the wonderful tubers. But wait till they are done to let the plants to put as much energy into the crop as they can.

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