You don't need a herd of livestock to put one of these to use...September 24, 2013

Many thanks to those who attended our Raising Chickens for Friends and Food class. This Sunday, September 29 at 3:00 come and learn to make olive oil! Bill is so excited about his newest purchase!



Now just because you might not have any livestock to gather round one of these, don't think you can't put it to use. Think pond. Think raised garden bed. Maybe an aquaponics fish tank. These are built to last for a long, long time. Don't forget, we offer great soils in bulk or bag to fill your new raised garden trough...bed!

It's planting season! Come by for some Dig 'em Up's: $2.19 each for a variety of vegetables and $3.19 for Dig 'em Up herbs. We will have a new batch of 4" herbs coming in this week. Please call for availability.
Coming up in October: Rose sale, Pumpkin and Zucchini Growing Contests, Craft Fair!
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