Chicken greens around your olla...October 7, 2013

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe big word around here right now is Olla (rhymes with La Jolla)! An Olla is a clay pot used for irrigation.  It is buried in the ground to supply water to surrounding plants at their roots which will grow towards and around the pot. This is an ancient and effective way to irrigate with less water. Our ollas are from Dripping Springs Ollas in Texas. Check out their website:

backyardchickenChicken News:
For all our chicken-raising customers, we are now selling Poultry Forage Blend. You can fence off a small area and grow your own greens for chickens. We sell it by the shot glass at $1.00/shot. This will cover an area of about 50 square feet.
Throw a few ollas in there, and you can have low-water-use chicken feed!
Don't pass us by!
There has been some street construction going on in front of the nursery, but we are open to the public. At least one of our gates will always provide access into our parking lot.
They still get thirsty...
Remember, we may be into the fall season and having cooler nights, but days are still warm right now, and our plants need us to water accordingly, especially during those Santa Ana days.
A little R &R for Bill who is out of town this week at a trade show...Bill_hardatworkthe last trade show provided massages.
He will return on Friday, October 11...we hope!
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