November in the garden...November 5, 2013

A few thoughts from Farmer Bill:

November is here!  Time to harvest the winter squash. What is winter squash? Does it not grow in the winter?  No, it is a squash that grows in the spring and summer that has a hard outer skin so it can be stored into the winter for many great soups and dishes.

Cooking is fun this time of the year, especially canning and dehydrating. What's more fun than sharing this event with friends followed with a nice glass of wine and some goodies by the fireplace to keep the chill of the evening away.

This is the time of  year for the inevitable first frost, the black death. It's called this because when the frost hits, it takes a couple of days for the leaves to turn black on the frost-tender plants. Using row cover will help prevent this on the nights when you hear the temperature will be falling below 32 degrees.

A few things to remember when you are out playing in the yard:

  • Fertilize your lawns and re-seed grass in areas that need it.
  • Plant fall bulbs.
  • Plant natives and wildflowers.

Above all, enjoy this beautiful month!DSC_0053

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