Thank you - to you.

Accounting for holidays and closures, since 1972 City Farmers Nursery opened it's gates and doors to you for a bit more than 14,000 days. And, truly, we couldn't do this without you.

Starting up the tractor, paying the water bills, scheduling the classes and germinating the plants.  Finding the right vendors who have their heart in the right place.  Hiring people who are willing to work really hard, learn lots, lift heavy stuff and scoop manure. Seeking out special orders and loading the truck for deliveries.


Our customers are amazing. You all are supportive and patient and make our lives so much richer and our work so incredibly rewarding.

We're an independent business with lots of moving parts.

And we add new things all of the time. (Some of the new things take time to settle in.) Most things take explanation. And you wait and listen.

In a world of hustle and bustle and easy solutions, you patiently wait your turn - sharing information with your fellow customers and passing your gardening experiences forward.


And although he has forty years of well-earned experience, Farmer Bill never picked up any formal training in how to run a business.  He's just done what he's thought was right and helpful. For 41 years.

He goes to industry tradeshows and hears about all of the cost-saving measures and latest ways to "push product" and it works for others… but it doesn't have heart for City Farmers.

Bill's done what's fun for him, and has hoped that it's enough for you.

And time and time again you've proved that it is.


You've likely experienced the fact that yes, we mess up sometimes. On orders. With technology. On scheduling.

When it rains, sometimes it gets smelly.  And it's dusty or muddy sometimes.

Sometimes Mother Nature takes a little time to warm up, so our plants stay dormant longer than the magazines or home improvement shows dictate.

Sometimes we get a little worn down all of the moving parts.

But you, our amazing customers, are willing to accept our imperfections and you keep coming back.

You keep telling your friends and bringing in future gardeners.  You tell your neighbors.  You bring friends to our classes.  You share your experiences on Yelp and Facebook and forward our email newsletter.

You drive to us, even when you have closer options.


It's what we talk about at our dinner table.

It's what has powered us for over four decades.

It's what lights Farmer Bill up.

It's helped him to expand the nursery, raise three kids, take two days off a week (!), and employ dozens of wonderful people over the years.

Your kindness, patience, support and understanding means more than you know.

In a world that can be complicated, sometimes messy, and undoubtedly busy, the flexibility and support that we get from you is the fuel that powers us to do what we love.

You've helped Farmer Bill live his life-long dream.

Let this note be a small token of our appreciation for all that you continue to do to make what we do possible.

With thanks and gratitude, Farmer Bill, the City Farmers Team and the Tall Family -- Rebecca, Sam and Sara

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