Beyond shovels and seeds...December 6, 2013

Case Knives Any time of year is a good time to find gifts at City Farmers. We have a passion for American-made items such as Case Knives and Radio Flyers. You can find games, yoyos, tops, and wooden airplanes, many of them made in the USA and bringing back a time of simpler toys made from natural materials.

Fruit dehydrators, various sizes of seed sprouters, and french presses for coffee are some of the useful kitchen gadgets we carry.

Apple-Peeler-Corer-Slicer-Cutter-Machine1Check out our Apple Peeler and Corer - yes, this works! I had about 60 Granny Smith Apples to prepare for pie and applesauce this weekend. Those apples were peeled and cored in no time! It works with large and small apples, which is important when your tree doesn't produce a constant size.


Delicious stove top popcorn is made with the Whirley Popcorn Maker. It makes plain popcorn and a variety of flavors such as kettle corn, cinnamon crunch, and white chocolate almond. Check out how it works:


We have a beautiful selection of seasonal plants!

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