About those potatoes and tomatoes...January 28, 2014

Getting ready to plant your spring tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers?We have received lots of phone calls from our gardening community wanting to know when these plants will be available. The tomatoes and peppers we have seeded will be ready for sale the first of March! Seed potatoes will be arriving in a couple of weeks. We'll keep you posted.

Until then...prepare!

SoilHow is your soil? Bring a sample to the nursery for a test. We sell soil, amendments, and mulch to help your plants grow healthy and reduce their water consumption. We offer soil and mulch in bags or bulk.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWe have a few stock tanks left that can serve as long-lasting raised beds.



ollas_11-22-13 (2)Think olla for your summer vegetables! An olla is a clay pot used for irrigation. It is buried in the ground to supply water to surrounding plants at their roots which will grow towards and around the pot. This is an ancient and effective way to irrigate with less water.




Well, this writer bought one right away last fall when they arrived at the nursery. Around it I planted a purple cabbage, one collard, and two kales. As an experiment, I planted another collard about two feet away. As we all know, there has been no rain to interfere with my informal experiment.

This picture was taken last November. The olla has a little dinosaur standing on it, and above it is the collard. It was already starting to outdistance the other collard at the far right. Today it is much bigger. If I took a picture now, the olla could not be seen under all the kale and collard leaves. The collard to the right away from the olla is about half its size. I now have four ollas and look forward to having a few summer vegetables. Ordinarily my summer vegetables don't fare so well due to the fact that I am way too stingy with the water.

Available now and ready for planting:

  • vegetables in 4" pots and dig 'em ups
  • 6-packs of assorted lettuce
  • vegetable variety packs
  • a large variety of succulents

More house plants on the way!

For any of these items, we encourage you to call for availability.

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