February: dreams of Spring and seeds....February 1, 2014

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Our gardening community has been calling the nursery for news about Spring planting seeds, so let's talk seeds... it's still a little early to plant, but never too early to plan, right?

Or consider starting them indoors.


Tomatoes_YellowPearWe have the following varieties of packaged tomato seeds:

  • Roma
  • yellow pear
  • cherry
  • beefsteak
  • black krim
  • brandywine
  • mortgage lifters

We also have seeds for

  • orange and green bell peppers
  • some mammoth sunflower seeds
  • some varieties of squash seeds

Coming Saturday, February 1 (please call for availability): A new shipment of 5-gallon citrus and avocado trees 

Please note that some varieties of citrus are not available right now such as key lime and kaffir lime. They should be ready within the next 6-8 weeks.


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