The asparagus is supposed to be purple...February 12, 2014

Not every San Diego garden has these, so make a little room for purple asparagus and horseradish!

Asparagus packages

We have a limited supply of the following so please call for availability!

  • bare root purple asparagus; 8 per pack  for $9.99 Purple asparagus is described as a larger and more tender option to green asparagus!
  • 2-packs of horseradish for $6.99 each In addition to being a pungent side for roast beef, horseradish is believed to have medicinal qualities and has been used for centuries as the bitter herbs in Passover seders. According to Sunset's Western Garden Edibles, horseradish can grow pretty much anywhere. Plant it now for a harvest in fall and beyond. Here is a fun little website devoted only to horseradish!

Our Valentine specials! Available February 12 - February 16 Half price at $1.50 each:

Hyacinthus Hyacinths - 4" assorted colors Just beginning their beautiful blooms! and...


Ranunculus - 4" assorted colors,$1.50 each We know what you are thinking... there is no color here but green. The beautiful ranunculus blooms are on the way!

Chamomile - makes good tea. Just ask Peter Rabbit.

And for all our herb growers and future herb growers, a fresh shipment of herbs is due on DaisyMaybeWednesday afternoon, February 12th.

Wishing you a happy and colorful Valentine's Day!

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