Happy update on our potatoes, onions, and garlic! February 18, 2014

Good news! Our organic potato grower is back in business after an icy storm. Bad weather didn't keep our onions away for long!

Potatoes, onions and garlic! Yum! Seed potatoes: we have  14 different varieties of fingerlings and seed potatoes to choose from, $1.69 each.

Garlic: silver rose and late Italian,$1.69 each

Onion sets: red, white and yellow. By the pound at $6.89 or 1/2 pound at $3.89. You can mix and match the pound.


How is your soil? Is it ready for all those potatoes, onions, and garlic?

BaggedSoil (1)

We sell bagged soil..


Bulk (1)

...and bulk soil.

And we have lots of soil amendments to suggest!


Manure_Chicken Poop


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