Bare root is the word this time of year...February 21, 2014

Why purchase bare root plants?Shipped when dormant, bare root plants require less packaging, which reduces their cost to you. They won't suffer from transplant shock and will be quick to establish themselves. Give ours a try!

Strawberries adapt to container growing. This redwood planter is available in our nursery.

Bare root strawberries are just .50 each!

  • quinault - everbearing and good for canning
  • seascape - self fertile, reliable producer, requires less chilling
  • sequoia - tasty and bears for many months
  • chandler - very large, good along the coast and popular for commercially grown




Bare root asparagus


We have some bare rootΒ green asparagus at $1.89 each and bare root purple asparagus for $9.99 a package (while supplies last)



Β Or if you really want to carry home asparagus or strawberry plants that are green today, we can accommodate for that too!





This week's fresh shipment of herbs looks good!



Some herbs can also be found in our dig 'em up section.

Dig 'ems use less packaging, so each plant costs less. Less packaging is better for our environment!

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