Choose it well, plant it right... March 12, 2014

VeggieStandGardening 101, this Saturday, March 15. 8-9:30am. FREEThinking about starting a garden? Not sure how to make it happen successfully? Farmer Bill teaches a cost-effective, fun way to approach gardening. He'll provide logical tips and simple ways to accomplish your gardening goals. No need to RSVP, and remember to visit Nate's Garden Grill, here at the nursery, for a fabulous breakfast!

For your spring/summer garden, we have plenty of assorted veggies in stock and a fresh shipment of herbs!

Grower Lori has released some additional varieties of tomatoes (while supplies last):

  • Yellow Pear
  • Mortgage Lifter
  • Tomatillo-green
  • Green Zebra - heirloom
  • Cherokee Purple - heirloom

The difference between determinate and indeterminate tomato varieties: Determinate tomatoes (also known as bush) are bred to grow to a compact height. Once they set fruit, they stop growing, and their crop ripens at the same time. These varieties are relatively good in pots.

Indeterminate tomatoes (vining) grow and set fruit continually until killed by frost or you get tired of having them around. They need the most staking and caging and are not as suitable for container gardening.

Tomatoes_YellowPearChoosing tomato varieties for your garden is a good topic of conversation around the counter in our store. Stop by and talk tomatoes with us!



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