Sweet Bananas! Have we got peppers this week! April 3, 2014

cayenneWe have a healthy selection of peppers available in our Dig 'em Up veggies this week:

  • sweet banana - mild and tangy
  • Anaheim - long and mild; chile rellenos anyone?
  • cayenne - HOT but healthy!
  • jalapeno - did you know when dried and smoked they become chipotles?
  • Poblano - when dried this is the ancho chili
  • Padron - great appetizer!
  • gold bell
  • serrano - fiery heat, sharp flavor, delayed fuse!

Our native plants are restocked weekly!  Prices vary

New Dig 'em Up tomato releases this week:

  • Celebrity
  • Early Girl
  • San Diego Red

And Dig 'em herbs:

  • Parsley
  • Basil

Also in stock as you begin your spring garden:

  • plenty of seasonal veggies
  • asparagus, horseradish, lemon grass, rosemary, lavender

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There was a limit of 15 participants in the kitchen, and these tickets are sold out.

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