Grower Lori's new veggie releases for this weekend...April 16, 2014

Chicks_04-11-2014 (8)A friendly reminder that we will be closed Sunday, April 20! Chick News Our first shipment of white leghorn chicks is nearly sold out! Thank you to all our urban chicken farmers for giving good homes to these future layers. There are a few chicks left; we recommend you call for availability! Coming soon in May: Araucana, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, and Rhode Island Red chicks. Watch our website and our Facebook page for their release dates.

And what about those veggies? We have new releases of 4" Alpine strawberries for $3.19 each and 4" lemon cucumbers for $2.19 each.

This week's releases of Dig 'em Up tomatoes come with names like:

  • Black Krim - one garden writer asks if there is life after Black Krim...
  • Lemon Boy - guess what color that is...
  • Health Kick - perfect saladette variety
  • Beef Steak - some can weigh a pound or more!

Greens in 1-gallon pots: Walking stick kale for $7.99. Perennial kale, collards, and brocolli for $9.99



11-3-2013 (40) Sprout your own seeds. We offer a large selection of organic seeds from companies such as: San Diego Seed Company Kitazawa Seed Company Seeds of Change.




Spring Art in the Garden! Saturday, May 3


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