When peppers have scary names...May 28, 2014

If it has a scary name, it is HOT.

HOT, specialty peppers anyone? While supplies last: 4" pots for $3.19.

  • Ghost Pepper
  • Scorpion Pepper
  • Regular Devil's Tongue
  • Red and Yellow Devil's Tongue
  • Chocolate Ghost
  • Peach Ghost

Additional Edibles:
Lots of Dig 'em Ups, potted vegetables, and herbs are available!
Macadamias! 15-gallon trees for $99.00 each. Call for availability.

Poultry News:

...here is our chocolate turkey!

When we say "chocolate turkey," we don't mean the little foil-wrapped guys that go well with one of these...

Baby chocolate turkeys will be available for sale Tuesday, June 3. This is a breed of turkey with chocolate-colored brown feathers and good meat!

Chicks currently available for sale: White Leghorn Auracana








Starting next week, SDGE will be digging up the street outside the nursery. Please remember that we are open for business!

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