What's going on at the farm? June 14, 2014

Start preparing now for the

City Farmers 27th Annual Pumpkin Growing Contest! For ages 3 - 16 years Come by, sign up, learn the rules, and receive your seeds! Pumpkins will be weighed by Farmer Bill on October 27, 2014 The heaviest pumpkin will win a $75.00 gift certificate!

October 2013: Our young customers really know how to grow pumpkins...

...and beat them up.


This weekend's veggie and herb sections are fully stocked!


A few ideas for our grown-up customers:

  • Alpine Strawberries: 1 gallon for $6.99
  • Sweet Potatoes: 1 gallon for $5.89
  • Succulent plugs: .99 each
  • Moringa Trees: 1-gallon for $14.99 (and a few larger sizes for $23.89

Bill wants everyone to know...

Farmer Bill's special blend of potting soil will be released Tuesday, June 17. 1-cubic-foot-bag for $8.89.

We have beeswax available! Sold by the ounce.

Urban poultry farmers, check out our chicks and turkeys!

This weekend...

Come give someone a scratch...

...come relax a spell.

...come bring someone to play...

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