Garden Potential


Imagine who you might see around the yard if your lawn space became garden space...

Replacing Your Lawn - free/no need to RSVP

Sunday, February 22. 10-11:30 am

We will discuss smart, beautiful lawn alternatives with an emphasis on California Native Plants. Taught by Teresa Everett of Moosa Creek.

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Cooking Ancient Grains

Sunday, February 22. 1:30-3:00 pm

Join us in the farmhouse kitchen to learn some delicious recipes for ancient grains and beans such as quinoa, amaranth, and fava. Vegan and gluten-free recipes will be included.

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Looking ahead....

Raising Goats - free/no need to RSVP

Saturday, February 28. 1-2:30 pm

Learn the basics of goat ownership from the expert members of the City Farmers Goat Cooperative. 

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Greenhouse News

Same month apart. Lots of blooms, bees, butterflies!

Our fruit trees are leaving behind their dormant season, and they are ready to have a spot of their own in the garden.

We have many varieties of fruit trees in semi-dwarf and standard sizes.

As you enter the nursery, our veggie section greets you with a healthy selection of collards, kale, herbs, pole beans, edible flowers, and so much more!


We like gifts...

Especially gifts that say, "Garden!"

Pictured are necklaces and beaded brooches that come in a variety of creatures and plants.

It is safe to say that one could wander in the shop for hours and not see everything.

Stop by and take a look.

There is so much potential in a young vegetable plant.

There is so much potential in a young vegetable plant.

Posted on February 13, 2015 .