Chick News and Veggie Update

Farm Classes

Cook Gluten-Free: Flavor Flours

Saturday, March 7


Chef Kate will explore the latest approach to gluten-free baking based the book, "Flavor Flours" by Alice Medrich. Learn how different flour types can be used to enhance textures and flavors of baked goods.

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Solar Cooking Basics - FREE

Sunday, March 8


Solar cookers use free energy from the sun and can cook full meals: meats, poultry, grains, breads, desserts...

Additional information and purchase solar cooker at a reduced price

Looking ahead....

Lunar Gardening

Saturday, March 21


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Raising Chickens and Ducks

Sunday, March 22

8-9 am

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Bread Club (Cooking Class)

Sunday March 22


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Greenhouse News

Gardening in a small space? Look for our variety 6-packs. Greens, herbs, and edible flowers are bundled together to provide a convenient and economical gardening opportunity.

New batches of Dig 'em tomatoes are released weekly. Roma, beefsteak, yellow pear, San Marzano, lemon boy, better boy, Cherokee purple....


variety tomatoes in 6-packs while supplies last. $8.99

Galore Series Strawberries

Bred to be both fruitful and ornamental, Galore series make a beautiful container plant bearing pink, white, and rose blooms.  Regardless of the color of bloom, each variety produces luscious, dark fruit continuously through the growing season.

4" pots for $3.19 each


Chick Update

These little cuties are available for sale starting Saturday, March 7! $7.98 each.

Please bring a box or container to carry them home safely.

  • Buff Orpington
  • White Leghorn
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Barred Rock
  • Araucanas

Remember, we don't just sell chicks. We offer all the organic chicken food and supplies you need to start and maintain a healthy, happy flock. Including seed-covered "donuts."

Posted on March 6, 2015 .