Let your Garden Take Flight

Let your garden take flight

Warm weather is knocking on our doors, so consider this a wonderful time to get plants in the ground that you'll enjoy all season long - while lazing in the hammock, grilling, roasting marshmallows, or sipping tea in the shade.

Assorted milk weed plants are a wonderful attractor of butterflies!

Assorted milk weed plants are a wonderful attractor of butterflies!

  • Add butterfly-garden plants like assorted milk weed plants, in stock now.
  • Warm weather also means it's a safe season for raising chickens. Learn more by attending our Raising Chickens 101 class on Saturday at 8a with Farmer Bill
  • The gorgeous scents of Rosemary and Lavender plants ($7.99 for 1gallon plants) are a magical addition to window boxes, side yards, and decorative pots.

On Saturday, July 27th, we kick off our Annual Pumpkin Growing Contest with Free Seeds for Kids

  • Children 3-16 can come in and receive official pumpkin growing contest seeds
  • Our Pumpkin Growing Contest is on October 17th @11a, official contest seeds are available until July 31st.

For those of you on an edible kick, on July 28th we're planning on releasing early summer vegetables like...

  • 3-4 different types of Tomatoes (Celebrity, Sungold, Early Girl, plus maybe a surprise variety)
  • Green and orange bell peppers - perfect for stuffed peppers, kabobs, and a bright addition to summer salads
  • Anaheim chili's
  • basil
  • cilantro
  • parsley (2 types)

All inventory, quantities and prices subject to change.

Posted on June 24, 2015 .