Introducing the Sherbert Berry

The Sherbet Berry - now in stock.

The Sherbet Berry - now in stock.

     This exotic fruit produces small, pleasantly sweet and sour fruit with a uniquely delicious grape/sherbet flavor. Self-fruiting. Plants come in 4" pots and are $4.59 each. Look for it in the herb area and near the front entrance gate area of the nursery.

     Additionally, if you’re looking for some summer-time magic in your yard, consider planting roses.

Spending all of that time outside means that blooms will attract not just your and your guests eyes, but also beautiful bees-and-butterflies. We have a hearty selection of 5-gallon roses in stock now.

Pull the petals and decorate summer desserts, top on salads, or get really crazy and cut and place in a vase.


     We still have plenty of time left to sow seeds for summer crops like gourds, peas, and greens.

     We recommend that you pick up summer seeds soon, as our seed suppliers close down to do inventory and switch over seeds to 2016 packs within the next 4-6weeks and some of the summer seeds will be unavailable in packs.

     We’ve remedied this by carrying seeds in bulk varieties, but now is a smart time to do your shopping before our seasonal inventory shifts.

     Looking for a wonderful summer project while the kids are on vacation? Plant quick-growing tomatoes. We have several varieties of tomatoes and peppers, plus a great selection of herbs. The process of growing and them making home-made tomato sauce this summer is the perfect summer project.

     Our tomatoes, peppers are in the dig-em-up area and are $3.19 each.

     For you fresh herb enthusiasts, we have a fresh selection showing up on Wednesday afternoon — nothing perks meals (and cocktails) up like freshly crushed basil and mint!

     For more adult summer projects, if you’re curious about the brewing scene, now is a fabulous time to plant hops and to learn the art of home-brew. We have hops plants in 1gallon sizes, $10.99 each.

     For many of us, it’s too hot to be in the kitchen. But for those of you who know they’ll have an autumn that includes baking baking, plant stevia plants — you’ll thank yourself when you’re naturally flavoring end of summer teas and making home-made goodies for gift-giving. Stevia plants come in 4” pots and are $3.49.


     While you’re smartly planting for what’s to come, now is a marvelous time to till the earth and tuck in sweet potatoes. Plant now for a sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving. You’ll be glad you did. Sweet potatoes are 1gal pots and $5.89 each. 

As a friendly reminder, all prices and quantities and availabilities are subject to change -- just like Mother Nature. We'll also be closed on Saturday, July 4th. Be safe and we'll see you on the 5th.

Posted on June 29, 2015 .