Now In Store: Locally Made, Natural Bug Spray

Check out our chemical-free, No-See-Um No More® Natural Bug Spray

Crafted by a local neighbor, Lita Davis, we carry a Natural Bug Spray called No-See-Um No More® that works great in preventing, and treating, insect bites.

The blend consists of a proprietary mix of essential oils: Patchouli, Sesame and Tea Tree oils. The oils are pure, uncut and unrefined. This product is great when you are outdoors in your garden where you are exposed to insects, flying or crawling.

As a bonus, the same mixture works as an anti-itch remedy - so if you're without it, apply post-sting for instant relief.

About the Maker

Lita Davis developed this blend because she could not find a product that would prevent insect bites when visiting the Caribbean. She no longer gets bit and she began selling locally – City Farmers Nursery is proud to say we were her first customer.

Lita's No-See-Um No More® is effective in preventing bites from chiggers, gnats, horse flies, mosquitoes, sand flies (no-see-ums) and tsetse flies, and the list is growing! Should you get bit and it itches, just apply the same product and feel the itch go away – you get 2 products in 1!

You'll see the bottles at the checkout counter. And for those of you interested in container reusability/refills, there is a refill-size bottle as well.

Posted on July 28, 2017 .