A Note from Farmer Bill

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Hi, Fellow City Farmers!

Well another year closes with so much behind us! It has been a busy year with many changes and new things added to our farm: a pasture for Poinsettia and Gigi, a variety of old time farming tools along the nursery grounds, a Memorial Day Weekend Work Party, and building our new sign.

This year my three children, Sam, Sara, and Rebecca, have joined me to keep the story of City Farmers going, working alongside my invaluable staff, helping us make real my ideas and bringing in some exciting ones of their own.  

As I’ve tackled my health, your wishes and notes and emails have all made their way to me. I am being treated by a skilled team of doctors and a wonderful team in the holistic world. I am now being placed on a list in New Orleans at the Oshner transplant hospital for a liver transplant. If you have recommendations for gardens, healthy restaurants, or antique stores, and of course, nurseries, near New Orleans, please send them my way!

The first week in December I will be going there to receive more tests and hopefully get listed. When I am done I will be back and be waiting for a new liver to replace mine which is currently the home of cirrhosis and inactive cancer cells.

For the time being I will be counting on my fantastic team of Farm Hands and my personal Farm Family to be maintaining the day to day, and making sure it feels like home to you and you enjoy your gardening experiences that start at City Farmers.

May life Next Year be fantastic for all of us as I am planning it will be. With some needed winter rains, some cold weather for the trees to sleep through and rejuvenate, and a lot of new ideas and changes to continue to bring out the best in all of us.

As for me, I’ve got a goal to be back involved with all of you in creating the pleasure of working with mother nature to enjoy as soon as possible.

Happy New Years and thank you for continuing to support our little bit of country in the heart of the City.
-Farmer Bill


UPDATE: PS I'm off to New Orleans to meet with transplant specialists for the next week or so.  Thank you so much for all the thoughts and prayers.  I'll keep you posted! 

Posted on November 30, 2015 .