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Simple Gardening Apron Tutorial

Spring is pushing to break through in San Diego.  We expect tomatoes in two weeks, which is unheard of (tomatoes usually germinate in February)!.

While you wait to plant, here's a wonderful tutorial for a simple gardening apron.

With pockets for seeds, pruning sheers, a trowel, and maybe even some Burt's Bees SPF lip balm, this apron is from Calli over at the adorable blog "Make-It-Do".

This apron reminds Bill of his mom, Bunny.  As a child, Bill would accompany his mom as they sold home-made aprons door-to-door in his Clairemont neighborhood.  His apron selling days prepared him for his paper-route and selling home-grown veggies... and we know where that ended up!

Posted on January 14, 2012 and filed under Do It Yourself.