Family-Owned, since 1972

Founded by San Diego native Bill Tall in 1972, City Farmers Nursery is a family-owned, independently operated, garden center and nursery located in the heart of San Diego.

Today, City Farmers specializes in the hard-to-find items that big box and chain stores just aren’t interested in.

As Bill says, “Sometimes you’re going to come in and we’re not going to sell you a single thing… because all you need to do is change your watering!”

On Two Naturally Maintained Acres

Set on property purchased by Nathan Tall, Bill's father (namesake of Nate's Garden Grill), City Farmers maintains every plant, bush and tree as Mother Nature intended.

We carry on the tradition of over four decades of free advice – whether you want to create healthy soil or need help identifying bugs, we've got the time and our staff has the knowledge to make sure your garden projects thrive.

A Day-Trip Destination...

Part working-farm, you'll visit with our animals, see our bonsai, rose, and California natives.

Each month we host classes ranging from growing your first vegetable garden, to canning and cooking, to beekeeping. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to learn, we’re a wonderful first stop.

We’re Here to Help

Bill and his staff pride themselves in quality knowledge and service over product pushing: “The very least we can do for folks who stop by is to give it to them straight… whether it takes twenty seconds or twenty minutes, we’re here to help.”

We invite you to drop by, visit our farm animals, pond, and .  You’re also welcome to give us a call, and you’ll always speak to a real person.  We’ve got one phone line, so you may have to try twice on some days, but we look forward to getting you one step closer to enjoying your garden!

A Commitment to you

At City Farmers source our plants from healthy origins and maintained conscientiously under ecologically minded standards. For our drygoods, this means we do our best to balance a unique selection you won’t find anywhere else with local and American made options.
As a small business that strives to be a leader in our community, we do our best to make each purchase and all plant maintenance as ecologically sound as possible - while still finding a way to care for our staff and keep our doors open.
This being said, it’s important that you know that our nursery is not certified organic. The truth is, to organically certify our products and grounds is beyond our means. But we have taken steps to come as close to the principles we and you want. 
You can count on us to offer vegetable seeds, pest solutions, poultry feed, soils, and fertilizers that are organic. We maintain our grounds and our plants with non-chemical pest treatment like fish emulsion to treat normal nursery pests.
We do our very best to source organic, local, or American made products and with an eye to the future, are constantly working within our industry to promote change to sustainable product that creates jobs, helps heal our planet, and still provides everyone in the process with an opportunity to put food on the table for their families, and yours.