Interested in displaying at one of our amazing events?  We'd love for you to join us!

How to sign up:

  1. Visit the nursery to be a vendor and drop off your $50 refundable deposit. Click here for directions.

  2. Show up day-of (gates open at 6:30am) to be assigned a spot based on the order you signed up.

Note: Our Fall event is on 10/12/19
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Spots are assigned based on Signup Order, but all vendors will get a spot with foot traffic.


Art & Craft Show FAQs

Why should I do this show?


Besides reaching a new client base in a beautiful, fun surrounding, our events bring together all types of people from different walks of life who enjoy gardening and the arts.

This is a uniquely no-cost event for all parties and is an excellent, low-stress way to display your art with people who are excited to see and meet you and purchase your unique products. Even if you decide not to participate in an upcoming event, visiting the nursery and supporting other artists.



What does this event cost?


The event is free to the public and free to vendors. We don't take a % or a cut. All we ask is that you help promote the event to your network of friends's family and co-workers. We're San Diego's largest organic nursery and are family-owned and operated. Our events are a way for us to unite our community and give back through nature, beauty and craft.

That being said, we DO charge a fully-refundable $50 deposit which guarantees you a place at the event (NO specific spaces can be reserved - spots are assigned at signup). Deposit is refundable 24 hours before the event. If you need to cancel, please call us at 619-284-6358 at least 24 hours before the event.


Are there any "rules" for your event?

There are THREE really important rules...

  1. When becoming a vendor you are agreeing to a photo release (for promotional, but non-commercial purposes) and waiving liability - for your products and yourself/staff.

  2. We require that you treat all customers and patrons with respect.  It makes sense that our event and the vendors who attend are a reflection of City Farmers Nursery. While vendors are with us for a day, we're open nearly 350 days a year and need our vendors to remember to be respectful, welcoming and kind to our customers and fellow patrons. So in the case that someone isn't a fit, we will respectfully ask you to not attend again next year.

  3. In lieu of charging an event fee, we cheerfully request that each vendor brings ten new-to-City-Farmers customers... with 30 vendors bringing 10 new people each, that's 300 new customers for us all, in addition to the City Farmers Nursery customers!

Can I Reserve a specific spot in advance? 


Reservations are not allowed. The reason for this is that our first event had 13 vendors... we now have a wonderful 30 vendors! In order to keep this event free, we need to minimize our administration work - which means not assigning spaces.

Otherwise, we'd have to hire + pay someone to coordinate the event... and the cost would be passed on to vendors.  We want to keep this event free, and so we ask for your flexibility with spaces.


How much space are artists allowed for their displays?


We ask that you stay in an 8' range, or beneath an 8'x8' tent.

We have about a half-acre to place vendors, so there are lots of spots to choose from. We do require even if you've been a vendor in the past, that you visit before the event to "get the lay of the land" and drop off your $50 refundable deposit.


Is there shade for vendors? 


There are half a dozen shade spots available--some of which shift, depending on the sun's position. Many artists choose to bring an EZ-up or umbrella.


Is there food available?


While we encourage you to patronize fellow vendors, Nate's Garden Grill will be open all day - you can have them make a to-go order so you can dine on locally-sourced food while you attend to customers.


Are their facilities on-site?


City Farmers has one public restroom and Nate's Garden Grill next door has a public restroom.


Can I pull my car up to my space?


It depends on the spot--certain spots allow for this (those near the back driveway and near the parking log), others do not. We do have carts available for those needing to transport items. We ask that you bring your own "crew" for loading and unloading, as City Farmers staff need to be fully available for their work and serving customers.  Generally, it's safe and appropriate to pull your car in before 7:30am or after 5pm on the day of show. This is subject to change, as so much changes at the nursery!

What about parking? Where do I park?


We respectfully request that after you set up, you park in our secure, off-site parking lot on Altadena at our wonderful partners, The Waldorf School. Your vehicle will be watched by security and a shuttle (the City Farmers truck) runs every 30 minutes to/from the lot.


What has attendance been like in past years?


We typically have anywhere from 250 to 500 people throughout the day. This is a substantial range, but we work VERY hard to get the word out.


How do you Promote?


In addition to in-store advertising, we reach out to our mailing list of over 6,000 people through a four-stage notification system. We post fliers at over 60 locations city-wide which include coffee shops, libraries, community centers, shopping centers, artist guilds and local restaurants. We use print advertising in the San Diego Union Tribune, The San Diego Reader, and local neighborhood newsletters (Azalea Park, Oak Park, Swan Canyon).

We also advertise on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and through Eventbrite and event bulletin-board sites like Craigslist. Also, we send out advanced notice and day-of press releases to local tv stations (Fox-6, NBC-7/39, CBS-8, KUSI-9/51, ABC-10 and PBS-11/15).

We also ask that our vendors bring in 10 new people - friends, co-workers, neighbors or family. By bringing in your crew, you keep your event fee at $0 and help us spread the word!

In lieu of charging an event fee, we cheerfully request that each vendor brings ten new-to-City-Farmers customers... with 40 vendors bringing 10 new people each, that's 400 new customers for us all, in addition to the City Farmers Nursery customers!


Does the event have on-site wireless available?

Because we’re up against canyon land and at the bottom of a hill, our wireless internet is not reliable (everything in the nursery is connecting via cable). You will need to provide your own payment systems/make your own change. We apologize that we don’t have a more reliable setup!

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