Bagged and Bulk Organic Soils

Organic Soil Amendments

Organic Soil Amendments

Organic Bagged Soils

Organic Bagged Soils

Organic Bulk Soil

Organic Bulk Soil

Chicken Manure
    1cu' bags
Coco mulch
    2.5cu' bags
Peat Moss
    4qt, 1cu', 2.2cu', 3.8cu'
Coir Fiber
    2qt, 3cu', 4.5cu'
    50lb bag

Bagged Soils we carry include...

Farmer Bill's Potting Mix
    1cu' bags

Sunshine Mix #1 and #4

Native Plant soil mix

FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil
    12qt and 1.5cu' bags

Happy Frog Potting Soil
    2cu' bags

Dr. Earth
    25lb bag

Cacti Mix
    1cu' bags

Bonsai Mix
    1cu' bags

Pond Clay
    .5 cu' bags

Bulk Soil
We can load your truck or deliver*




Potting Soil

For loading:
We recommend calling ahead during the weekends. For safety, we cannot load bulk soil into car trunks, camper shells or trucks with covers/obstructions on the bed.
For deliveries:
Please call for delivery information, charges and times. Our phone number is 619-284-6358.